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  • 1: Seven 8 (17KB)

    "We are Borg"

  • 1: Seven 7 (46KB)

    "I regained full contact with the collective"

  • 1: Seven 6 (198KB)

    "...Seven of Nine, tertiary adjunctive of Unimatrix Zero One, but you may call me Seven of Nine"

  • 1: Seven 5 (73KB)

    "The Borg have prevailed..."

  • 1: Seven 4 (64KB)

    "Are you willing to risk a direct confrontation with us?"

  • 1: Seven 3 (79KB)

    "There's another option: We could assimilate your vessel"

  • 1: Seven 2 (48KB)

    "You will return this drone to the Borg!"

  • 1: Seven 1 (30KB)

    "Resistance ist futile!"

  • 1: Janeway 10 (141KB)

    "Any aggressive actions against this ship or its crew will be met by the deadliest force!"

  • 1: Janeway 9 (185KB)

    "Do it!"

  • 1: Janeway 8 (25KB)


  • 1: Janeway 7 (388KB)

    "Starfleet vessel. This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the starship Voyager..."

  • 1: Janeway 6 (141KB)

    "See you in the twenty-fourth century", Seven: "I look forward to it. Or should I say backward?"

  • 1: Janeway 5 (121KB)

    "What will we need to pass as locals in this era?" Paris: "Simple. Nice clothes. Fast car and lots of money"

  • 1: Janeway 4 (224KB)

    "We've come fifteen thousand light years... and I am damned if I'm going to be stopped by a nebula"

  • 1: Janeway 3 (263KB)

    "Starfleet Regulation 191 Article 14: In a combat situation involving more than one ship..."

  • 1: Janeway 2 (102KB)

    "Oh, what I wouldn't give for a few Borg cubes about now. Anything for a little distraction."

  • 1: Janeway 1 (69KB)

    "Seven, we could use a little of that Borg efficiency right about now"


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